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B 110 destroyer

German destroyer B 110 in 1915

HMS Cossack destroyer

British destroyer HMS COSSACK in 1938

HMS Campbeltown destroyer

British destroyer HMS CAMPBELTOWN in 1942

HMS Hesperus destroyer

British destroyer HMS HESPERUS in 1943

USS Charles Ausburne destroyer

American destroyer USS CHARLES AUSBURNE around 1943

Terrible destroyer

French destroyer TERRIBLE in 1943

Yukikaze destroyer

Japanese destroyer YUKIKAZE in 1945

HMS Cavalier destroyer

British destroyer HMS CAVALIER in 1972

Spruance class destroyer

American SPRUANCE class destroyer

Sovremennyy class destroyer

Soviet SOVREMENNYY class destroyer

Udaloy class destroyer

Soviet UDALOY class destroyer

Arleigh Burke class destroyer

American ARLEIGH BURKE class destroyer

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