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Welcome to my website. Here you will find high resolution and photorealistic illustrations and blueprints of many historical warships. All the pictures in this website have these two characteristics: they are drawings or paintings - no photos - and they are all of a high resolution - in diverse degrees -. This website is not devoted to detailed explanations of the featured ships; you will find lots of texts about these ships everywhere in the internet. The purpose is to be a source for high quality graphical material, which in the field of warships is sadly not so abundant.

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The author of the website, Sakhal, 2011.

This gallery contains pictures mainly from First and Second World War historical warships and also some more recent warships.

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Articles about military naval history, showing the evolution of various kinds of warships through the 20th century.

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:: Iron And Coal: First Modern Warships

Other websites made by me about military history.

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